(1) Open AVACS Live Chat web version and Login there.

(2) You will get 3 options in Avacs web version "Rooms" "Menu"and "Users"; you can open all section of Rooms and Users options by drag and droptechnique in right and left blank panel.  

  • Rooms -> Here you will see 7 sections (Top, Countries,Public, Private, Yours, Favorite and New room). If you want open any sectionthan just press left mouse button on that section than drag and drop it inright or left panel.
  • Menu -> Here you will see 2 sections (Logout and Questionnaire).Just click on "Questionnaire" section and you can edit your profile.
  • Users -> Here you will see 8 sections (In room, Invited, Moderators, Read only, Contact book, Black list, Supermoderators and Statistics). If you want open any section than just press left mouse button on that section than drag and drop it in right or left panel.

(3) There you will see two colors in Rooms and Users options;black and gray.

  • Black means -> It has not been added in left or rightpanel yet.
  • Gray means -> It has been already added in left or right panel.

(4) To send message in chat room, just you have to type yourmessage in message box (you will see it in bottom of the page) and press enteror click virtual enter button from right side of message box. You can also Addsmiley, Add your own smiley, Add link, Load file, Change color of message,Change avatar, Change settings of chat, Moderating of room (If you have crownin that room than you can moderate room, otherwise you will not get this option).

Note: Mozilla Firefox browser is good for AVACS webversion chat.