Q(1) Why it is slow chat software in compare other?

Ans -> In other fast chat software we don’t see or reply of manymessage because that is very fast, but in Avacs chat we can see messages andreply nicely, and if you want fast it than just (press * -> settings ->choose turbo off and connection socket) + it has rating system (press 6 ->who in room -> select any nick and press INFO -> rating).

Q(2) How I can on/off avacs sound?

Ans -> Press * -> settings ->sound (on/off).

Q(3) How I can change my chat color?

Ans -> Press 4 -> Settings -> color in chat -> you canchange color of text here.

Q(4) What is rating?

Ans -> Rating is total no. of your messages,per message your rating will increase one and if you will do fast reply orrepeat words than your rating will decrease 2, you will get a category according toyour rating.

  • Novice                    ->  0    to    99
  • Amateur                 -> 100    to    499
  • Company-keeper -> 500    to    1999
  • Hunter                    -> 2000    to    4999
  • Veteran                  -> 5000    to    24999
  • Elder                       -> 25000    to    99999
  • Chat’s long-liver   -> 100000    to    299999
  • Neo                         -> more than 300000 ratings

Q(5) How I can use smiley?

Ans -> Every smiley have different codes,just use that codes (press 4 -> Help -> Smiley list -> here you willget all codes, press next button for get more smiley codes).

Q(6) How I can change nick, password or editprofile?

Ans ->Press 4 -> profile ->here you can edit your profile.

Q(7) How I can move in other room?

Ans -> Press 4 -> Chat rooms ->select room from (By countries and communities OR Public) -> Enter in anyroom.

Q(8) How I can add any user in my friendlist?

Ans -> Select message of you friend-> Press 6 -> Add to contacts book.


             Press 6 -> who in room -> select user and press INFO -> Add to contacts book.

Q(9) Where is my contact book?

Ans -> Press 4 -> Community ->Contacts book.

Q(10) How I can upload photo inprofile?

Ans -> Press 4 -> Profile -> Photo -> select "Make photo or Add from file" If this will not work than just visit by computer and you can upload your photo after select Menu -> questionnaire.

Q(11) How I can add photo, songs, anyfile or link to story in the room?

Ans -> Press 6 -> Link to chat-> Select (photo from camera, File from phone, Incoming files or link tostory).

Q(12) Why I can’t write in the room?

Ans -> Maybe you will be ban ORanti-flood will be on in the room, that’s why you are getting problem for sendmessage in the room. (That time you must contact a crown holder, they can unbanyou OR they can turn off anti-flood).

Q(13) What is crown?

Ans -> Crown is a power, crown holderscan ban or unban any user (abuser or fight creator) in the room and they canalso turn on/off anti-flood, and none can ban crown holders.

Q(14) How I can get crown?

Ans -> Only room owner can give you crown,so ask to room owner for crown.

Q(15) Where I will find room owner?

Ans -> Press 6 -> About room -> Owner (checknick name of owner).