Q(16) What is moderator?

Ans -> Crown holders in a room aremoderator of room.

Q(17) Where I will find roommoderators list?

Ans -> Press 6 -> About room -> More -> List of moderators.

Q(18) What is anti-flood?

Ans -> Moderator use anti-flood turn on for stop flooding (someusers create new fake profile for flooding or abusing), new users who have lessthan 50 ratings they can’t write in the room after anti-flood turn on.

Q(19) How I can ban bad users?

Ans -> Select message of that user-> press 6 -> Set “Read only” -> yes -> enter reason and press OK.

Q(20) How I can unban users?

Ans -> Press 6 -> About room -> More -> In "Read Only" mode -> select user and press Forgive.

Q(21) Why I haven’t crown of otherroom?

Ans -> Because you are not moderatorthere, If you want crown of that room than you must ask for crown to there roomowner.

Q(22) How I can create room?

Ans -> Press 4 -> Chat rooms ->select room from(Public OR  Private)-> Menu ->  Create room -> puthere room name and press OK.

Q(23) How can I Add and delete moderatorsin my room?

Ans -> Press 6 -> About room ->More -> Add moderator -> here select user and add them as moderator.


            Press 6 -> About room -> More -> List of moderators -> Select here any nick and press "Delete" -> He/She (moderator) will be delete.

Q(24) How I can give vote for room?

Ans -> Press 4 -> Purse andServices -> Vote for room.

Q(25) Why my room rating isdecreasing everyday?

Ans -> This happen with all rooms,Everyday room rating will decrease 10 percent of total room ratings.

Q(26) How I can close my private forothers?

Ans -> Press 4 -> Settings -> Accept private messages -> Accept from contact book only.

Q(27) How I can rename my room?

Ans -> Press 4 -> Chat rooms -> WhereI am owner -> Select room and press Menu -> Rename room -> here youcan rename room.

Q(28) What is purse and its uses?

Ans -> CLICK HERE for know more aboutpurse and its uses.

Q(29) How I can play avacs games?

Ans -> CLICK HERE for know more about games.

Q(30) How can I add news line?

Ans -> By paying purse you can use this facility (Press 4 -> Purse and services -> Add news Or Post advertisement) -> after that you can add news line.