Q(31) How I can change my privatecolor?

Ans -> You can change your private color as black only, its cost is $2 and you will get black private color for next 3 days.

Q(32) How I can send message toadmin?

Ans -> Press 4 -> help ->Message to admin -> choose question area and send message to admin.

Q(33) How I can search any user?

Ans -> Press 4 -> Search -> Put nick there and select search.

Q(34) How I can check other user Infoand check his/her photo?

Ans -> Press 6 -> who in room ->select any user and press Info -> here you can check info, status, ratingand can check photo.

Q(35) How can know total number of usersand who is in the room?

Ans -> Check upper right side, you will see two colors "Sky blue" and "Pink" there will be some numbers written inside of sky blue color - that is total numbers of boys and numbers written inside of pink color - that is total numbers of girls present in the room.

Q(36) What is room rating?

Ans -> Press 6 -> About room ->rating

Room rating increases 0.001 -users per message, and increases 10.0 per vote for room and vote cost is 0.15$,you can check room position in the list by there room ratings, room ratingsalso decreases everyday 10% of total ratings.

Q(37) How I can check who is in otherroom list without enter in other room?

Ans -> Press 4 -> chat rooms ->select category (By countries and communities, public OR private) -> selectroom and press menu -> Info about room -> you can see here about room(for more info select MORE).

Q(38) What should I do if I will getany problems?

Ans -> Try to join Avacs forum and write there about your problems.

Q(39) What are Administrator, TU, HM, Merchantand SM?

Ans -> They all are work for development of Avacs chat.

  • Administrator – Admin is ownerof Avacs chat live, there are two admin Victor and Arsen.
  • TU - Top users are helper of admin.
  • HM - Hyper moderators arehidden Super moderators.
  • Merchant – Merchants are alsoSM and them work is help own country users and provide Avacs purse at cheaprate.
  • SM – Super moderators arehelper of all users and help admin for development of Avacs.

Q(40) Who is administrator bot?

Ans -> This is just bot and work ofbot is stop flooding by computer, if any user makes flooding by computer for increaserating, than Administrator bot ban them for 24 hrs after warning, but user canchat through mobile.

Q(41) What is difference between SMand HM?

Ans -> There is no any difference between Super moderator (SM) and Hyper moderator (HM), just we can see SM in the list (Press 4 -> Help -> Super moderators) and HM are hidden from the list.

Q(42) Where is Super moderators list?

Ans -> Press 4 -> help -> Supermoderators.

Q(43) Where is Merchant list?

Ans -> Press 4 -> Purse andservices -> merchants.