Press 4 -> Profile

1. Nick -> You can change your nick name anytime; Inavacs chat you can use any type character for your nick.

2. Password -> You can also change your password anytimeand don’t forget your nick and password,because you can use your profile if your nick name and password will correct.

3. ID -> This is your real identification of avacs chat,it is not changeable.

4. Gender -> Select your gender.

5. Family status -> It will show your family status ofavacs, you can do marry and divorce after select this option, you can marrywith those users who are in your contact book.

6. Add photo in profile -> you can add photo in yourprofile by two ways

  • Via mobile -> you can direct make your photo OR youcan add photo from your mobile picture gallery.
  • Via computer -> you can add your photo by using PCversion of avacs, visit  than enter your nick and password. After thatclick on profile and there you can add your profile picture.

7. Email id -> It will help you for find your password inpassword forget case.

8. Avatar -> Select any cool avatar, it will be addbefore your nick name.

9. Invited by -> You can’t use this section if yourprofile is unconfirmed, so first confirmed your profile than put here ID numberof any friend as referral, after select your friend Id number as referral, youand your friend both will get $2 - $2

10. Select your country -> Select your country, after thatyou can buy purse via SMS and if you will put wrong country name than purse viaSMS facility will not work (Buy purse via SMS facility is not available forsome countries).

11. City -> Put your city name.

12. Record type -> It will be confirmed after buy pursevia SMS otherwise it will show unconfirmed.

13. Personal -> Here you can put your personal information.

  • First name -> write your first name;
  • Last name -> write your last name;
  • Birthday -> select your date of birth;
  • Zodiac sign -> it will automatically set according toyour birth date;
  • Chinese sign -> it will automatically set according toyour birth date;
  • About myself -> here you canwrite short note about yourself.