Press 4 -> Community

1. About community -> here youcan know about

  • How much users is online
  • How much new users did joinavacs in last 24 hours
  • Total users of avacs
  • How much users did marry in last24 hours
  • Total married users of avacschat

2. Invite friend -> You caninvite your friends via e-mail after select this option, just choose it and putyour friend e-mail address and send invitation.

3. This week best photo -> Youcan check here whose photo is best in this week, it has voting process andwinner gets $10, per vote cost is $0.05.

4. Last week best photo ->You can check here whose photo was best in last week.

5. Contact book -> You can addany user in your contact book (press 6 – who in the room – select user andpress INFO – add to contact book).

6. Ignore-list -> If any user isdisturbing you Or abusing you in your private than you can put him/her in yourignore list and after that he can’t send you any private or any file.

Select incoming message ofabuser -> About user -> into ignore-list (in right side).

7. Incoming messages -> Here youcan see last 50 incoming private messages.

8. Outgoing messages -> Here you can check last 50 outgoing messages replied by you.

9. Incoming files -> If any userwill send you any files (photos, songs, or any software) it will store hereand you can check it anytime.

10. Invitation to rooms -> Youcan check from which room you get invitation and you can go there.

11. Important messages -> Hereyou can see some news about avacs.