Press * -> Main menu

1. Connect -> If you will face any problem in connect avacsthan just press * and select connect button (sometimes users send a photo inroom but we can’t open it, that time you can use this connect option).

2. Settings -> Here some setting is available, you canmanage it.

      a. Sound - You can choose avacs sound ON or OFF.

      b. Font size - Here you can choose font size (Small, Large orMedium).

      c. Font face - You can select font face which you like(System, Monospace or Proportional).

      d. Arabic rotation - You can ON or OFF Arabic rotation.

      e. Language - For change all avacs menu language; select whichlanguage will be comfortable for you (English, Kartuli or PyccκИЙ).

      f. Turbo - You can select turbo ON or OFF.

  • Turbo On mode - In Turbo ON, you can see fast news line andanimated smiley will not work.
  • Turbo OFF mode - In Turbo OFF, You will see slow news lineand animated smiley will work.

      g. Connection - There is two type of connection.

  • Socket connection - If your internet speed is good thanchoose socket, by using socket you will get fast refresh and your reply will befast.
  • HTTP connection - If socket connection is not working thanselect http connection.
       h. Server load - You can ON or OFF server.

3. Help -> here you can check about some shortcut keyshelp. In right top corner you can see ratio of online boys andgirls in a room (In sky blue color will be total no. of boys and pink colorwill be total no. of girls)

  • Press ‘*’ for main menu
  • Press ‘#’ for select
  • Press ‘2’ as Up button
  • Press ‘8’ as Down button
  • Press ‘0’ for close window and for refresh
  • Press ‘5’ for write message
  • Press ‘4’ for find other menu of avacs
  • Press ‘6’ and check Chat menu.

Note: If you have QWERTY mobile, than shortcut keys will not work correctly, so press "Function key" before use that shortcut key.

4. About -> Here you will get avacs official websitesaddress http://www.avacs.netand

5. Exit -> If you want closeavacs than select exit.