Only " crown holders" (TU, HM, SM, Owner, Moderator) cancheck Moderators history. If you have crown of any room than you can check Moderators history of that room.

First enter in that room -> You will see two " crowns" in bottom side -> Just click on right side " crown" (Moderating of room) -> You will get 3 options there, select "Show Moderators history" -> you will get history.

You will get 4 options

  1. Moderator -> There is list of get or removed users as moderator.
  2. Action -> You will see two type of action "+" & "-" , "+" symbol means add as moderator,  "-" symbol means removed as moderator.
  3. Date -> You can check here date and time.
  4. Creator -> They add user as moderator or They removed user as moderator.