You can send any news line byusing purse, news line will be visible on the top of avacs live chat and allusers of avacs can see your news line.

Here is two types of news linein avacs, which you can use by purse

  • 1st is sky bluecolor news line -> which cost is $0.10 per news line; it will be run justone time.
  • 2nd is yellow colornews line -> which cost is $2.50; it will be run for 24 hours.

For send news line

Press 4 -> Purse andservices -> select “Add news” which cost is $0.10 OR select "Postadvertisement" which cost is $2.50

Note: You can change direction of news line by using "<"or ">" symbol before write newsline. By using this "<" symbol, your news line will runright to left and By using this ">" symbol, your news line will run left toright. You can use this symbols for write message too.