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This is cardinally new type of chat from AVACS.Communicate in the rooms by interest create your own rooms, look for newfriends by questionnaire data, overlook photos of interlocutors, exchangefiles, photos, music and melodies! You will be pleasantly surprised by theabilities of this chat.

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Business life

The peculiarity if this multiplayer game consists inexiting and risky life of a businessman among the competitors like you leadingnot large company toward the business heights. The game is full of bothpleasant surprises and unexpected strokes of fate. Playing the game enables youto perceive the details of stock exchange games, to evaluate the merits anddemerits of the banking system, to feel the advantages of expensive thoughhealthy life style, chatting with other gamers, fight for appearing in"Top 10" list and much more!...

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Business life -> This game is a new turn inmultiplayer games. Comparing to other multiplayer games designed forJ2ME-phones, this game enables you much more than playing"face-to-face". In "AVACS Business Life" you will lead yourown company to the heights of richness among other counterparts. So, now youstart playing "face-to-all" mode!

The main aim of this game is to become the richestcompany among all competitors. The main objects in the game are:

  • Stock exchange - here you can buy economic resources ortake a look at changes in price for them.
  • Property - All of your property: economic resources (youcan sell them from here), house, car, food, etc...
  • Bank - Here you can take an unlimited number of creditsor put money on deposit. Remember if you fail to return money before final dateof credit - the game will do it automatically (the same is with deposit)
  • Shop - It is like "Stock exchange", but hereyou can buy food, clothes, exchange your car, house, etc.
  • Relaxation - Just as real businesspeople, you need totake care of your health and mood levels. So, here you can restore your healthand relax. You can play at casino (to win or to waste some money)
  • Community - This is the place where you can chat withother players, look at "Top 10" rating, and send messages tocompany's owners.