Press 4 -> Purse and services

1. Amount of purse -> Here you can see how much you havepurse in your account, you can increase it after buy to merchant, buy via SMS,play games of avacs and also purse increase as reward when user (you arehis/her referral) will buy purse via SMS.

2. Add to purse -> After select this section, you can buypurse via two way

  • Via SMS - You can buy purse via SMS but before buy, youmust choose your country name in your profile. Some countries haven’t availablethis facility than they can’t buy purse via SMS (CLICK HERE for check Via SMSfacility countries name).
  • Via webmoney – To pay via webmoney, transfer desireamount to purse Z328238732187. Put your user number (you can check your usernumber press * -> about program) or your nick to transfer comment. Afterthat please write to chat administrator about your transfer. Your purse will bereplenished with transferred amount multiplied by 2 (press 4 -> Purse andservices -> Add to purse -> Via webmoney -> read here about it).
3. Merchants -> Merchant work for own country, them workis providing purse and all information about purse for own country users andhelp own country users, they have same power like super moderators.

4. Purse history -> Here you can check about your purse transferredand earned history.

5. Add news -> You can post news in $0.10 per post, Itwill be visible one time in sky blue color.

6. Post advertisement -> You can post advertisement in$2.50 per post, It will be run for 24 hours in yellow color.

7. Bonusolizator -> This game depends on your mind andtime limit of this game is 1 hour, for know more about this game -> CLICKHERE.

8. Roulette -> This game depends on your luck and youwill get fast result, for know more about this game -> CLICK HERE.

9. Vote for room -> You can vote for any room and itscost is $0.15 per vote, it will increase your room rating, first enter in theroom than select "Vote for room" option for vote.

10. I’m Super-Moderator -> You can vote yourself by choosethis option and its cost is $0.10 per vote and you will get result after end ofcurrent month, first place user will be SM for one month, second place userwill be SM for three weeks, third place user will be SM for two weeks, fourthplace user will be SM for one week.

11. Invisibility -> In invisibility mode your presence inLive chat is not shown for 60 minutes. For other users you will be offline,your movements between rooms will be hidden and its cost is $0.50

12. Private message color -> you can change your privatemessage color after select this option, your private message color will beblack for 3 days and its cost is $2

13. Statistics -> you can check here three results

  • SM-pretenders -> Here you can check all users positionaccording to votes, top four users will be SM after end of current month.
  • Bonusolizator fund -> You can check here total amountand total time left of Bonusolizator game.
  • Bonusolizator, last hour -> You can check here resultof winner and how much users did participate in last Bonusolizator game withhow much bet.