Press 6 for opens this menu in chat room, this menuoptions will work on only that room where you are online.
(1) Private message -> You can send private message to anyuser in room. First select user whom you want to send private message and press6 than select "Private message" and press "Apply".

(2) Add to Contact book -> In chat room select user whomyou want add in your contact book and press 6 than select "Add to Contact book"and press "Apply". He/she will be adding in your contact book.

Here you can check contact book

Press 4 -> Community -> Contact book.

(3) Send photo from camera -> In chat room select user whom you want send photo fromcamera and press 6 than select "Send photo from camera" and press "Apply". You cansend photo directly from your phone (capture and send) to any room user.

(4) Send file -> In chat room select user whom you want send any file fromyour phone and press 6 than select "Send file" and press "Apply". You can send anyfile directly from your phone to any room user. You can send file up to 8 MBsize from mobile and up to 12 MB size from web version.

(5) Information -> Select any user from chat room andpress 6 than select "Information" and press "Apply". You will see Nick, ID number,Gender, Family status, Font color, Country, City, In chat since, last visit ofthat user. You will get more information by clicking on "Personal information" inleft bottom of the opened window. Here you will see First name, Last name, Birthdate, Zodiac sign, Chinese sign, and get more information by clicking on "More about user" option.

(6) View photo -> Select any user from chat room and press6 than select "View photo" and press "Apply", here you can see photo of that user.

(7) Rating -> You can check any user’s rating. Select anyuser from chat room and press 6 than select "Rating" and press "Apply". You willsee how much messages he/she has sent in main room and in private and ratingincrease with every message. In Avacs live chat, all users have ranking byratings

Here you can see user's ranking

  • Novice ->  0 to 99 ratings
  • Amateur ->  100 to 499 ratings
  • Company-keeper -> 500 to 1999 ratings
  • Hunter -> 2000 to 4999 ratings
  • Veteran -> 5000 to 24999 ratings
  • Elder ->  25000 to 99999 ratings
  • Chat’s long-liver -> 100000 to 299999 ratings
  • Neo -> more than 300000 ratings

(8) Status -> You can check any user’s status, whetherhe/she is online or not and also you can check that user is offline to how muchtime.

(9) Set "Read only" -> Only crown holder users (room ownerand moderators) will get this option. Use of this option is banning any user (abuseror troublemakers) in the room.

For unban user

Press 6 -> About room -> More -> In "Read onle" mode -> Here select user's nick and press "Forgive".

(10) Turn on/off Antiflood -> Only crown holder users (roomowner and moderators) will get this option. If any users is making more troublein room with make new ID than crown holder users can use this option, its timelimit is 20 minutes but you can extend time too. After turn on anti-flood, lessthan 50 rating users can’t send any message in the room.

(11) About room -> You will get all information about a chatroom where you are online. By applying this option, you will get Room name,Room type, Room rating, Online male/female users number, Room language, Roomcreator (If you see this option blank that means this is a country room andcreated by administrator), Room owner, Creation date of room, Number of totalmessages posted in main room .

Click "More" option from left bottom of about room windowto get information of Vote statistics, Who is online in the room, List ofmoderators of room, Add moderator (If you are owner of room, than you will get this option) and Read only (In read only list, you will see some users, they arebanned in that room).

(12) Message to chat -> This is just a option to send message in chat room.

(13) Link to chat  -> If you want send any file, photo or big story in the room than you can use "Link to chat" option.

Here you will see

  • Photo from camera -> You can send any photo directlyto phone camera in the room.
  • File from phone -> You can send any file (photo, mp3,software, etc...) directly to your phone.
  • Incoming files -> If any user had sent you any fileand now you want send it in room, than you can use this option.
  • Link to story -> You can post big message or post a story in the room by using this option.

(14) Who in room -> You can see this option in bottom rightside of Chat menu. After select this option, you will get list of users who isonline in the room.