Press 4 -> Settings

1. Accept private messages -> Here are two options

  • Accept from all users -> After choose this option,everyone of avacs users can send you private messages and any files.
  • Accept from contact book -> After choose this option, onlythose users can send you private messages or files, which is in your contactbook.

2. Photo format -> You can choose format (PNG, JPEG &GIF) of photos here.

3. Photo size -> You can select photo size (20%, 40%, 60%,80%, or 100%) according to your mobile phone.

4. Color in chat -> You can select any writing color for chat.

5. Chat background -> You can choose chat background asWhite, Sky blue or With clouds.

6. Chat poll -> Choose any chat poll (for 5 sec, 10 sec,15 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec or 1 minute). Your chat will be automatically refreshedaccording to your selected chat poll time.

7. Data transferred -> You can check here that how muchdata you did use in chatting.

8. Change user -> If you wantlog out, than select change user and you can be log out.