Any user can use Smiley with message.

You will see 7 icons in bottom side (if you are moderator of that room than you will see 8 icons), select " 1sticon" from left to right (Add common smile). You will get there common smileyand you can use it with your message by click on it.

If you want add your own smiley or you want use othersmiley of Avacs web version than Select " 2nd icon" from left to right (Add additionalsmile) and click on "Top100" option, you will get here some smiley so you can useit.

If you want add other your smiley than click on " plus icon" (youwill see this icon in right side of Top100) here you can upload your smiley.You can also remove your smiley after select " box icon" (Remove smiley fromyour list).