In Menu you will get twooptions "  Logout" and " Questionnaire"; you can choose " Questionnaire" option foredit your personal information. Here you can edit

  • Nick name -> You can changeyour nick name any time.
  • Sex               -> Select your gender.
  • Avatar        -> you can choose aavatar, you can change it anytime.
  • Chat color  -> Choose chatcolor.
  • Country      -> Select yourcountry name.
  • City              -> You can write yourcity name.
  • Update photo -> You canUpload your photo.
  • Gallery           -> Gallery is otherservice of Avacs, you can create here album and can upload many photos.
  • First name     -> Write hereyour first name.
  • Last name     -> Write here yourlast name.
  • Birthday           -> Select your dateof birth.
  • About myself -> Here you canwrite about yourself.

After edit your profile, click on "  Save" button from topright corner of this questionnaire window. After save it, you will get amessage "Successfully updated".